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08.01.2013 , 12:36 PM | #8
I'll probably buy the contract with 1m, and if I like treek I'll use the 700 CC for it to be account wide.

Quote: Originally Posted by Nothematic View Post
If I wanted to unlock it on every character in my legacy it would cost me 8,800 cartel coins.

I just find their pricing irregular. It cost me 5.99 to buy Rise of the Hut Cartel but to unlock a companion on every character in my legacy (level 32) it would cost me ~40. Makes no sense to me.

note: I wasn't planning on buying her anyway, but I just thought I'd voice my opinions on the price.
Do neither you nor the guy you're responding to know how collections works (or have trouble reading the description in the blog we're responding to)? It's a one time fee of 700CCs to unlock it account wide. At that point ANY character can use it without any additional fee.