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08.01.2013 , 09:46 AM | #128
Unless they changed it with the last patch, that's not how dig sites work at all... All 3 dig sites start out up when a new instance of a planet opens up, and once they are depleted they are down (for about 2 hours I think).

I've depleted plenty of planets and had to move on to another planet to continue digging. I've also stopped digging at some sites when it was taking too long to find anything good, and moved on to another site on the planet without having depleted the previous site. I've also been digging on planets with friends at 2 separate sites in the same instance at the same time - so dig sites are definitely not a one-at-a-time situation, and they definitely do work on some kind of respawn timer.


That said, since I'm posting here I'll throw in my opinion about the changes (first time in the forums... this seeker droid stuff is that big a deal to me lol) -

I've stopped digging since a couple days after the update, and would love to see things rolled back to how they were. Things seemed to be working just fine how they were.

I never had trouble finding stuff (have 5+ sets of each of the armors, 2 pleasure speeders, and have (and have sold a few of) the other 2 speeders. I wasn't getting rich off of it either - I'd make about enough to pay for my triangulation enhancers and then maybe have enough left over at the end of a day of digging to buy a cartel pack off the GTN. The one thing I was never able to dig up was a "Star Forager" title, and after the changes it just wasn't worth the time and credits to keep trying.

Triangulation enhancers, repairs to armor from having to fight the 54-55 mobs guarding/burrowed in dig sites, and travel to different planets (and taxis on planet) to dig all have costs and can no longer be supported by any reasonable amount of digging.

So I hope there's some happy medium (if not a complete rollback) that will make it worth digging again - it was a lot of fun and gave me something to do while waiting around between ops and HMs and was a great addition (and sometimes alternative) to the dailies "grind".