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The Thirteenth Legion is a very active and vibrant community. We have grown a lot in the last month with great new additions and a couple of old friends returning to the fold. We have events going on almost every day, so check out our calendar for things that interest you!

New this month we started a second Operation on Friday night to train less experienced folks on how to do Operations. These trainees have made great strides and worked their way through story mode versions of Eternity Vault, Karagga's Palace, and Explosive Conflict.

We also had Ops groups clear Terror from Beyond and Scum and Villany this month. The Operations that we have on the calendar are almost always open for anyone to sign up. The sign up is mostly first come first serve but there are obviously minimum gear requirements for certain Operations and we also need to make sure we fill the correct roles. We don't mind teaching new people the Operations fights or helping folks gear up.

One cool thing we did this month was an all trooper operation. A team of 16 Commandos and Vanguards descended on Karagga's Palace and wiped the place clean with mortar volleys, ensuring that Karagga would not terrorize people anymore.

Here is a great video of the event put together by one of our members.

Our Imperial Guild, Vindicta, is also very active even though we are primarily a Republic guild. We run Operations, Flashpoints, Toborro's, Datacron runs, and many other things on the Imperial side.

And of course last but not least, we are an RP guild! We hold weekly RP events plus a monthly guild meeting. We also have a number of RP static leveling teams, but people are always willing to start more! We have a fairly large library of member created RP content on our website as well.

Hopefully this link will work for everyone. If you are interested in our RP story check out the Story So Far post

We do have a membership cap of 125 but we aren't full yet! So feel free to apply if you think this would be a guild of which you would like to be a part!
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