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Weighing up my own experience I think there are many truths in the posts here, but that there is a risk of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". By that I mean that I do think there's some good in the changes from Bioware in that the "something interesting" is now more interesting. Is it interesting enough? That's another question, but it's better than what I have got before.

So here's how I view the effects of the new changes:

The Good
1. I am getting at least a lot more frequently speeder parts, and triangualtion of the interesting part is now easier without the disruption of the grey items. It's more foucsed digging and the speeder parts over time i still think will be more valuable then lots of grey items.

The Bad
1. Sites seem to be easier to deplete now, so you can at times really struggle to find a site on Tatooine to dig for your Dread seed armor, just because the sites have been depleted. That's no fun.
2. I guess for some, a source of income from selling junk items has disappeared - I am not sure if this is a game-breaking change, since there are so many mechanics to farm for credits, but it may have been a fun thing on the side of all the digging.
3. The loot table seems to struggle with proper randomness and hence there's a lot of exploiter repulsorlifts etc in my inventory at least, where as for as with most people (I think), pleasure speeder parts are missing. Distribution of speeder parts seems to be skewed either to periods of time (for 1 week it's only dropping item x, for the next week it's only dropping item y to "make the numbers" for the wanted statiscial drop rate) or skewed towards instances, people etc, such that one individual does not experience a good distribution, but across people parts are well distributed. Trading would of course solve this, but GTN is the best market-maker for any item, and these items are not GTNable.

Recommendation: (Net net I am overall in favor of the direction the changes but maybe with some new tweaks):
1. The treasure that depletes the site needs to be good. Not gray (a bug) nor boring crafting material
2. Finding the depleting item should be more difficult to keep the site open longer, allowing for searching for star forager/dreadseed armor. Maybe even get rid of depletion of sites, but rather give a warning that on entering the site, "the special treasure for this area has already been found" so we can still search for speeder parts or star forager parts.
3. Distribute randomness of drops better. (I think Bioware should look into the random roll tool they have - for example me an my guild were doing HM 55s "only" getting smuggler gear the whole time for about a week. I am mentioning that because I think it is a shared mechanic that is affecting this part of the game AND the rest of the game.
4. Make speeder parts GTNable. As mentioned earlier, this is a far better market-maker than the Trade or General chats, bring more buyers and sellers together and making price discovery easier.

My 2 cents in what ended up being a long post.