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1: I am Darth Serpon, Wrath of the Emperor and slayer of Darth Baras I am waiting for my master to call me to war but until then I wish to be part of the galaxies biggest and best corporation. I have experience in numerous theaters of war and have been successful in defending bases from destruction until reinforcements come to drive them off

2: I am the slayer of Darth Baras, the pretender to the title of the emperor's voice, veteran of the Jedi rush on Tatooine and led imperial forces to victory on Taris.

3: If you find anyone left after where I've been they must have a really good cloaking field.
4: I can have moral but I know there's a time and a place for it, and Czerka isn't the time or the place for it.

5: As chief of security I would constantly check that the standards of containment are exceptional and if the experiment did escape I would lock the lab and surrounding areas down, providing all employees have evacuated the lockdown zone.