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08.01.2013 , 01:39 AM | #125
spent 4 hours on tat today. I cycled between instances and the 3 digsites. before i could find mods that i could use to get mats, BoL armor that my alts could use..and greys I could sell that made me want to keep digging because it gave me a little boost. want to know what I found today?
JACK. well, i take that back...i found a grey that depleted a site and a deployment boost.
BW, I don't care what your reasons were. this was a great "treasure hunting" mini game. You screwed it up so bad. I didn't mind my seeker finding blue or green armor, because at least i could vendor those.
What we were making a few 100k an hour if we got lucky and that was bad? We do that on dailies!
I don't care if you made it so I can get speeder parts. I have one that I like...why would I want another? much less 2 more that I need to piece together?
revert it back. and fix the location ring. I have stopped doing this massive waste of time except for 1x a week on one toon for a few hours. And I am doing just to find a helm. If I find the dreadseed helm and it isn't improved...then it will be like space missions...another part of the game I don't bother with.
You pulled a Blizzard on this on BW..."fix it 'til it's broke."
Death to all whom oppose us!