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Hey Dark,

Anytime we have a special item like that it will almost always appear on the "front page" of the Cartel Market in the featured items section. With that being said, I talked to the Cartel Market team and they will be back really soon. By really soon, I mean they will be on the CM again this weekend. I don't have exact timing but look for them in the CM this weekend. Hope that helps!

Awesome, thanks for the update! I guess that settles that. However, I've checked with dozens of people both on the forums and on my server and the items were in fact only up for one day not the whole weekend. I am only saying that because you said they were up from Friday to Monday, but that wasn't the case, and if that is indeed what you guys intended to happen somehow it did not go through and you might want to fix that internally to prevent that in the future. That being said since the items are coming back this weekend no harm has been done, and I will make sure I check everyday this week just to be safe!
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