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07.31.2013 , 07:55 PM | #50
Quote: Originally Posted by surharijan View Post
Something to think about with Annihilation/Watchmen if we decrease the build up time of Juyo/Annihilator/Merciless stacks.

e.g. Say we halve the time taken. It currently takes 40 (?) seconds to build up those Annihilator/Merciless stacks, if we halve the time (to 20 seconds), we will have an extra 20 seconds at full DPS mode.

I haven't looked through enough parses to know what our full DPS mode average is, but currently the DPS difference between Carnage/Combat and Annihilation/Watchman DPS including the build up time is fairly minimal (at least on dummies) .

I think we want to keep them even somehow - thus if they do decrease the build up time, don't be surprised if they nerf something else while they're balancing.
I think it would be better to just give 3-5 seconds more on the stacks and see how it goes. Not all specs need to work everywhere.