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07.31.2013 , 02:47 PM | #582
1. im a jedi that has long now disagreed with the ways of the order and i am looking for something new and thrilling destroying creations like tobboros glittering fury with ease, i think czerka is a exciting opportunity with no limits or bonudaries, so for that reason i am interested as i want nothing getting in my way.

2. as above i defeated glittering fury mainly by myself, i have never been defeated as my 2nd and lastly but not least i make credits for fun so this would not be a applicant looking for income but for possibilties.

3.i would go beyond whatever it takes to ensure i get done what needs done which is why i have done the above.

4.moral compass? the only compass i use is the one to find my target.

5.however i see fit , if it needs killing then preserved so be it. if its a rival that i specificly despise then id steal the research of the specimen before destroying it completely then take all gratitude for myself.

hope this pleases you if not then there is no hope for you.