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Thanks so much for your replies and continued constructive feedback and interesting conversation about Seeker Droid! As I said in my post yesterday, the developers have been monitoring this thread and are actively looking at ways to address the way the Seeker Droid digsites work.

In a future update, we will be doing some maintenance to the Seeker Droid to address the issue of it sometimes malfunctioning and giving you undesirable loot. Please stay tuned for additional updates as we have more information for you.
Thanks Amber! Seems the change was most likely to halt BOT farming, but in the process you have alienated the user community that actually liked the Seeker Droid Missions. I tried a couple runs with my toon I'm leveling on Tat recently and the end result was pretty much what everyone described.

Didn't get any speeder parts, didn't even get ANY loot. I did manage to get one ARMOR, but it had me run back forth in a small area that seemed to have "Faulty" green indicator. Meaning it would point one direction and I would move 1-2 steps that way and then point me in the oppositte direction. When in reality the item was off to my right by 90 degrees. Very strange results.

I would love to do these missions, but the cost of consumable is crazy and the reward is no longer available. IE: The time invested is better running a FP's solo or farming dailies for CRED's instead.
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