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I switched to watchman with 2.0 from combat. A large part of that was watchman's greatly increased fluidity and the utter chaos that combat had become both because of rng and perpetual focus starvation. I got tired of HoJ proc'ing on force leap right as i started and what not. Also watchman's damage output debuff on the boss and sustained rather than burst dps model is a lot more tank friendly and the group heals are a nice help to the healers too. As my guild moves into doing NiM perhaps I'll have to move back to combat for sheer dps reasons, but unless your group is weak in dps or aoe it seems that watchman is the pve spec to be.

That said i will parrot what other people have said about the merciless stacks. Phase switches can be rough on those stacks atm especially given that one dps does not have sole control over how fast things die. For instance Olok the shadow the middle part with the droids or the lightning adds in Styrak. If those adds go down at an awkward time the buff is going to fade. With olok it isnt such that large a deal as it like almost all of hm is super easy on dps, but with styrak i panic a bit when i see our scoundrel healer coming to help on my ghost. I dont want that guy to die before i get off a final mercliess.

This goes back to what Oofalong asked above, should sentinels be encouraged to be proficient in all the specs and respec between boss fights or is Biowares intent that all the fights be friendly to all the specs? Perhaps I'm too attached to the nice pve utility watchman has and should just relearn combat for certain fights, but that brings us back to the rng issues with combat.

And also ill agree with oofalong on the mdps in raids thing. I want a fight where i feel im more useful on a sent than a gunslinger for a mechanic not inspiration.

So my questions would be:

1) Is Bioware considering lengthening the time on merciless?

2) Is Bioware working on making HoJ triggering more player based?

3) Does BW intend to make bosses that actively encourage mdps?