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Appreciated is a relative term. I feel appreciated just because I am able to play the full content of the game. Everything else "gifts, tokens of thanks" what ever are just gravy on the potato's on the plate.
I don't feel appreciated because I am able to play the full content of the game. I Just feel like I'm getting what I pay for.

Just like when I go to a restaurant, I don't feel appreciated because I get to eat food that I pay for.

I don't feel appreciated when I turn on the lights in my kitchen; that light uses electricity that I pay the power company to provide.

I also don't feel appreciated by General Motors because I get to drive a Saturn Sky Redline (a very fun car, BTW) that I... wait for it... paid for.

That's just the relationship of consumer to service or goods provider. We consumers shouldn't feel that companies appreciate us just because they provide what we pay them to provide.

And that's fine. It's great, actually! As long as we feel we get what we paid for, everything's good in the consumer-provider relationship!

Now when a service or goods providers go out of their way to set an expectation that they're going to do something extra for us that will make us feel appreciated, then things become interesting.

If they actually follow through with something that takes some thought, maybe a bit of effort, and hopefully relates to why we pay them in the first place, that we consumers should feel that companies appreciate us.

If they follow through with something that really takes no thought or effort or, worse, is a thinly veiled attempt to get us to pay them even more money (coupons, "points"), well, hopefully smart consumers see that for what it is.

Back to one of my examples, if the restaurant were to offer me a free appetizer or dessert, yep, then I'd feel appreciated. Absolutely! OTOH, if it offered me a couple free napkins because the burger or ribs I ordered were very messy (the best way for them to be, of course) that wouldn't make me feel particularly appreciated. Especially if right before the server brought those napkins, she said, "I'll be right back with a gift that will make you feel appreciated!"