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And all that is your issue, not Biowares. You feel that way, that is something you will have to come to grips with.
No, really, it's their issue. They are the ones that set the expectation that the gift would make me feel appreciated.

They could have said nothing and given nothing and nothing would have happened.

They could have said something "lighter" than the hype they touted ("We'll give you a a token of appreciation...") and given cartel coins and they would have met the expectation that they set.

You might notice they've been incredibly silent about the end-of-July subscriber appreciation gift since receiving feedback on the beginning-of-July gift. That seems to be the topic of this thread.

Could it be that they've learned the lesson that setting the expectation that a gift is going to make subscribers feel appreciated, then coming through with a gift that requires zero thought and minimal effort while at the same time being at best tangentially related to subscribers' reason for subscribing is a very bad idea?

The things that make you go, "Hmm...."
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