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Thanks so much for your replies and continued constructive feedback and interesting conversation about Seeker Droid! As I said in my post yesterday, the developers have been monitoring this thread and are actively looking at ways to address the way the Seeker Droid digsites work.

In a future update, we will be doing some maintenance to the Seeker Droid to address the issue of it sometimes malfunctioning and giving you undesirable loot. Please stay tuned for additional updates as we have more information for you.

Thank'am? It's so hard to tell with forum names...

Anyway, the only other bug I've seen recently was zeroing in on a site (using Prototype buff that lets you tell when you are right there) only to have the deployment that should return an item instead just return a red "reposition" circle.

There was no one else in the area and I later depleted the site myself (4 basic comms and all I want is the Pleasure Speeder Repulsorlift) so that wasn't it either.

I would also ask that there be something we can do with all these unwanted bind-on-legacy items beyond vendoring them for 30 credits. GSI seems to be a big corporation, certainly they could have a "5 for 1" turn in system or something...maybe for Deployment buffs that we can currently only get from "something" results?
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