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07.31.2013 , 10:11 AM | #38
I've seen a lot of great (and not so great) ideas pop up, so I wanted to highlight some that I particularly like in short format so it doesn't get too lost in space like my first post probably did.

edit: sorted list from highest priority to lowest. Double edit, inserted proof shots of regen "bug" and included a new higher priority list item.
  • Let's just tie the execute to project - have it do 100% additional damage on targets below 30% health - I think this would fix the vast majority of issues people have with this class in both PvE and PvP. It would also make project a lot more useful, rather than just "when we are on the move, can't stop, and have used all our other free casts."
  • I'd like to point out a bug as well - this needs to be fixed to help with force regen - currently the alacrity skill in the heal tree does not increase force regen, it only lowers cast time - obviously this hurts our force overall quite a bit in all specs (particularly heal and balance/madness)
    edit: including some pictures to help explain:
    extra 2% on alacrity (causing faster casting) but not boosting force regen
  • Dot protection would be great for PvP and not effect PvE at all, so I think it should be added in some form.
  • I feel like Balance AoE is extremely weak - and not to mention can really burn away force. Would love for forcequake to be more worthwhile to cast - right now I think it is more worthwhile to spam TT on one target than cast forcequake on 3 targets.
  • A new free heal for heal spec - again, my personal preference is to tie it to life saving - so only usable on targets with 30% health or less
  • Recklnessness gives 100% chance crit - it is a very small change that would make me happy.
  • If people really think madness/balance needs a force buff - the best idea I've seen so far is tying it to disturbance/lightning strike - I think that making it a free cast would do the trick, since you are basically gaining force regen on it GCD cast time. This would also ensure that disturbance becomes part of the rotation, some people still ignore it. This can easily be implemented by just putting it on the skill tree where you get the instant cast on proc in the first place.
  • I also like the idea of giving force bend 2 stacks (or the ability to stack)
  • We lack any real defensive cooldowns, i.e. abilities that we can cast that do not interrupt our GCD (force mend and force armor are heals, not cooldowns).
  • Damage reflect on force barrier - I like this idea, but it shouldn't be as severe as stated - perhaps reflects 10% of incoming damage back at attacker would be a cool change - would need to be adjusted for PvE though to prevent doom from automatically killing the DG, for example.
  • The only idea I like so far of making TK more mobile is a blink (I'd think one that can only be casted every minute or so at most). Everything else has too many PvE implications. I'm worried that the blink will become OP in huttball.
  • Just throwing this up since it is so requested, though I do not think it is needed, would be the instant CC that we used to have.

And to the person who said Sage healers are tank healers, having an armor buff on our regen doesn't make us tank healers - you can easily just cast that regen on the tank and go back to healing raid ;p Our single target healing abilities do not even come close to commando/scoundrel in our ability to keep a tank up, but that is OK, because that is our role in a raid. We can do it sure, we just aren't as good at doing it.