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Evidently it bears repeating considering some folks are dodging it...

It really does not matter how many words you try to spin it. It all boils down to this:

  1. You were being told that you were getting a gift.
  2. YOU determined what that gift should be.
  3. You did not get that gift.
  4. YOU feel like you have been poorly done to.

You act like free cartel coins is an unheard of level of "appreciation". Now, look at "appreciation" that you get anywhere else.

  • Grocery stores give you a points card. Spend enough money, get discounts or something free.
  • Food and coffee joints give you a punch card. Buy enough meals or drinks, get one free.
  • Spend enough money at Best Buy/Fry's etc... get some coupons to spend more money with.

ALL customer loyalty programs revolve around making it a little bit easier for you to spend MORE money with them.

That is standard "customer appreciation". Explain to me what level of customer service that you have experienced elsewhere where hundreds of thousands of people that were given something so awesome that it set your standard to where a month's worth of CC coins being free is not enough.

Complaining about how much you did not get for free is an undeniably selfish attitude.
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