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Uber ability? You mean like the Marauder's Enraged Defense? Or the Trooper/Merc's Hydraulic Override? Or Shadow/Assassin's? Phase Walk? Of the Jugg/Guardian's immunity to all controlling effects after force leaping when spec for it? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they all have short cool downs. Never mind that the Sorcerer/Sage's uber ability has the longest cool down in the game and only lasts for 10 secs. Oh yeah it's so f'n uber. Oh and we forget to mention that it is a self CC that removes the ACs in question from doing anything to help the team. Yup, you're right it is completely and utterly UBER! A mature person would have looked at it from the stand point in association with all other powers. I guess that leaves you out Asavrede.

So pardon me for questioning the establishment again...should I go ahead and eat a round now for penitence?
Love how most of the abilities you note as some of the "uber" ones all have a decent countermeasure in one form or another, but cry because your ability (which, face it, can be absolutely redicilously good when used correctly and in the right situations) has one counter, which only one AC has accsess to.
If you did decide to leave this game, good riddance.
Commandos have had even more of a **** time "since 1.2", as you were saying, than sorcs, and now that they have gotten one thing to keep them somewhat competetive to other classes, you come here and try to ruin it for everyone.