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Either your sarcasm detector is faulty or mine is.
My detector is working just fine. I could feel the sarcasm flowing from my screen.

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Sadly I don't think that makes sense either.. as subscribers are individual people, and to appreciate them, you have to appreciate their person.. It kinda of fails to materialize if you consider subscribers just an aggregate of people who in aggregate deserve a bone for their loyal real cash stipends every month. Oh wait.. Anyways.. in this context, if you as the other party want your subscribers to feel appreciated, you have do it personally.. there's no aggregate subscriber representative to take a general appreciation... it don't work that way.
The only problem with this is that a company will not waste its resources contacting each and every individual just to ask them what they would like in order to feel appreciated. Unless their asking was the show of appreciation itself. Which, would lead to a whole new series of threads about the failed attempt of the show of appreciation.

Really, there is no way that this company can get to know each and every one of its how ever many subscribers on a personal level.