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07.31.2013 , 07:28 AM | #115
I don't post on here often, but after reading the comments I felt I needed to weigh in. My experience yesterday (spent all day doing seeker digging) was this, on some planets it is impossible to find an area to dig on any instance because they are already spent and the CD on the areas is very long. My suggestion would be that each player can deplete the area, but then it is depleted for that player, for the entire day. Allowing each player a chance at each area, once per day. My other comment was regarding the "found something" vs "found something interesting", I have only ever gotten "junk" gray items when it says "found something", everything I got with "found something interesting" depleted the area and was at least purple quality. I think maybe some people are misreading the message. The recent changes in my opinion have made the system better.