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OH MY GOSH STORIES. Seriously, guys, the last 36 hours? Avalanche.

@Euphrosyne, I like both your character mapping and your Robert Browning quotation. Nice takedown of That Character. (Er, the spoiler character, not Caliban.)

@fino, your Inquisitor lineup is sick yet creative.

@alaurin, I definitely turned into one of those irritating "just you wait, you'll like it *pat pat*" people just reading Mallay's lines.

@Lesaberisa, Ayrs' bitterness - and his guess about the cushy corporate job - is so real. And Malicineve's pains are exactly the sort of luxury one can afford when one is rich and powerful!

I find myself free to Do Whatever now that Wynston's back in "functional with a side of denial" land, and I've been experiencing a light wordfall of very short pieces from an assortment of settings. Let's see...first, perhaps, because I couldn't resist, Guilty Pleasures or something set less than two weeks after Wynston's departure. No spoilers. 250 words.


Note on that:

And a long-delayed Confessions with Ananz of the Mellekor!verse. Vette conversation spoilers. 750 words.


Note on that:
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