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wait a sec...

The mounts are supposed to be rarer then the armor?

I'm admittedly new to using seekers. I just started this past weekend. I've spent about 3 days farming because i love the "concept" of treasuring hunting.

In three days i have found:

16 speeder parts. (2 complete exploiter speeders, lots of explorer parts, and 2 pleasure parts)
7 blue crates with crafting mats i dont use and dont sell for much.
19 green seeker droid buffs. (range increases, or the insta cast buff)
30+ grey trash items selling for 5 credits each.


the two pleasure craft parts were the "Special treasures" that depleted the zone. The ONLY positive to all this wasted time, was the warzone comms security chest i found.

All three speeders are Fugly. its cheaper to buy crafting parts on GTN or via missions. green buffs dont actually make seeker tracking more enjoyable as the directional ring is so inaccurate its a joke.
And grey trash items for 5 credits? really? trash items at 50-55 sell for a few hundred each! there is no reason why they shouldn't be 52+ level trash items. you can't seeker droid till its not like its a cheat for low levels to get higher credit earnings.

Seeker droids are effectively a waste of time. Which is a pity because the concept is ingenious way of adding a treasure hunting feature.
Fix the loot table, add loot worth chasing, and give people a reason to wanna keep doing it.

Mounts available suck
Armor sucks
crafting mats suck
trash isn't worth anything!

-add various other loot types. various quality. some possibly exclusive
-make the trash lvl appropriate
-add comms as a possible loot find
-add enemy mobs as a possible loot. dig up something that wants to kill you. (level appropriate)
-add high lvl rare monsters that are a challenge but offer a rare loot if you survive
-add rare lore items or something with no REAL value or benifit but adds "flavor" to the story. (like the datacube things)

The mechanic is a great idea...but needs to be fixed to have it actually worth while! Please consider these and or other suggestions and revamp this! Treasure hunting and PVP are the two biggest things me and many others love about MMOs!