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07.31.2013 , 06:27 AM | #113
First, thanks for the feedback .

But I join with those who'd ask you to reconsider. If you don't want to drop Mods, find some alternative: Crafting stuff that is actually useful, companion-gifts, credit-boxes, more comms, silly but technically sellable consumables (fireworks, one-use javagrams, something that makes sparkles, something that makes funny sounds... price those at a halfway-decent resale-price for the vendor, too, perhaps?).
Seriously, if you ask around the community or even around the SWTOR-team, you are bound to find SOMETHING that's fun and won't break game-economy.
Also, as others pointed out: if you can grab a whole lot of cash by killign random stuff, why not at least get us grab the roughly same amount by digging random stuff?

There really has to be some middle-ground between the two extremes you had now.