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Resilience works on 200% resistance not defense. Accuracy has nothing to do with how broken resilience is when it comes to force and tech attacks.
You disappoint me. Resistance is a kind of defense. Defense is the generic name for "avoidance", regardless of attack type. (Look your only talent that is say to increase "defense by 2%" it will increase resitance) And yes it has to do with accuracy because it was supposed to be the sole mean to by-pass Resilience with a high amount of it. But they changed general mechanics of defense, the RNG that uses Accuracy and resistance in the case of Force and Tech, by putting a minimum of 5% hit chances but no tooltip say these 5% exist. And so that's not that Resilience is broken, but that they changed core mechanics without any prior notice or note, and this change made Resilience weaker. The only reason that we know this now is that because a dev once responded to the Resilience thread giving this explaination.

But resilience, has not changed itself, and is not bugged that's that the general behavior of the game.