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07.31.2013 , 02:47 AM | #111
I think the 'points green, red, green' is a side-effect of the patch too. Zoning in worked just fine before 2.2.3.

I don't really see the 'infinite items' argument. I get infinite items doing dailies. I get infinite items killing random thrash. It's pretty much what MMORPG's thrive on not? So why was it a problem here. Are some of those treasurse (swayers, elite unwatching) even in the game anymore. They've becomen very scarce on the GTN post-2.2.3. Also the grey drops inbetween finds where good, kept you going, gave you some cash, made it a real treasure hunt rather than the 'zone on item' it is now. And while it could be annoying to have a find be a green item, it beats getting 5 credit thrash you get now.

I don't mind certain items to the loottables, being the 'regular loot', as long as it isn't tainted by thrash. The thrash can be fine outside of the loot as random extra as it was before. Can't really comment on the treasure since I didn't really bother digging it up anymore post-2.2.3. Too much not fun I rather spend elsewhere. Which is a shame, since I really took a fancy to seeker droid finding the one week I got to play it pre-2.2.3. So much my friend kept complaining about me seeking rather than questing with him. Now, no longer an issue.
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