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07.31.2013 , 01:48 AM | #41
Congratulations on the nomination. Now down to business. I am a sentinel player like you guys and while I enjoy the class I feel somewhat annoyed by it in several scenarios. First and foremost, at operator ix, zealous strike seems to fail on cores in the sense that it does the animation halfway and stops. Merciless slash behaves the same and masterstrike does the animation but no damage, hence making it available again. This happens once or twice every 10 runs but I do believe it is not something the devs should bury under a carpet.

Second, I agree with many that merciless ramp time is too long think it was in the forty second area. I did the numbers when 2.0 came out so I may be a bit rusty with the latter point I made. I would also like to note that Watchman is not Combat or Infiltration. It is not a spec based on burst but on DOT effects. Consequently, in my view the ramp time is not as important as the damage lost from our burn nerfs. If they increase the burns back to their previous levels watchman will be competitive again even with the merciless slowpoke build up. This could be a solution for both PVP and PVE where we lose these stacks.

Again, something I mentioned in another thread, can the devs re-evaluate the offhand accuracy ? Even with spot on accuracy the misses are quite many and watchman has quite a few moves with offhand components in it.