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Watchman worked way better with the old crit rating because 33% crit chance was very easily achievable, which worked well with the self healing and crit bonus damage to dots.
First of all, gratulations to the winner. Secondly, KeyboardNinja seems to do a really nice and responsible job to put the major class issues on the table.

I myself played Watchman for a very long time. After the 2.0 release, Watchman lost its strength in PVP because of a very simple reason that is not really pinpointed here: The extremely strong crit nerf.

Watchman was based on DPS in combination with the sustain and survivability. I played on +40% crit including buffs. Now, the base crit chance and the crit stat cruve became so low that the crits proccing self heals are not there anymore on the previous level. Best practice in PVP for DPS is a 0 crit gear.

So my major point here: The 2.0 crit nerf killed the sustain and survivability with self heals of the watchman tree.

My idea to solve the issue would be a buff on the procs for self heals.

(Yes, Zen got 6 instead of 4 stacks now. But still, the major issue is the crit based self heal without active Zen after the extremely strong crit nerf hammer)
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