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except that 16m content is easymode joketown. 8m ftw.

Also tough luck in tfb tonight airwolfe. Saw you guys wiping on DG for over 3 hours made me feel sad for you guys. I guess even with the nerf the DG are able to block all but the most hardcore guilds
No, this is far from true. 16 man on some of these fights are ridiculous because of over tuning. Withering Horror, DG, Keph, TfB, Titan 6, and Trasher are all much harder in 16 man mode compared to 8 man mode. That is six bosses out of twelve in the two current ops that are more difficult in 16 man than 8. DPS check is lighter in 16 man mode, but mechanics hurt more, are buggy and tanks are always getting **** a metric ton of damage that range 75-125% more.
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