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Interesting. I could easily see doubling both as is (or 15% for Plasma Blades as in 1.3) for JUST PvP and it would make it a more playable spec. Not so sure/sold on the heals, but a better set of meaningful ticks on the DoTs would make it more worth it. Ironically were talking about a whole 9%, but I think coupled with the better heals I've heard about it could be more viable.

Given the way stats work and how they changed in 2.0 (Crit and Surge specifically), was Watchman better off with the old way the stats worked? Keep in mind I've only been here since April - not that this game was all that difficult to pick up, I just wasn't here for the old stuff so I have no point of reference.
Watchman worked way better with the old crit rating because 33% crit chance was very easily achievable, which worked well with the self healing and crit bonus damage to dots.