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Hey Dark,

I am sorry for your frustration about this, although we certainly haven't advertised every single change that has come to the CM in regards to sales, we did actually talk about the mount and armor returning to the store. We got questions about that exact thing in our thread about the Gree event here and here.

Both of those items were on the Market from Friday morning through Monday morning CDT. I am sorry that you missed it, I can make no guarantees but I wouldn't be surprised if we put those back in the Market at some point. Especially around the Gree event.

Thanks Eric. But I must be missing something because I know for a fact that the only day I did not check the CM was Monday (I was not on at all that day). I know I specifically checked on Friday and Saturday because we had raids on both of those days, and since I always log on early I often spend the time waiting in front of the instance portal browsing through the CM or Legacy tabs, just as I did on both of those nights. So I guess my question is where the hutt where they listed under? Because I distinctly remember going through all the pages and obviously not seeing it...
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