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Off the bat I'd like to say that I think our AC (Knights and Maras) are in a great place at the moment. Each of our three trees is viable to a certain degree in both PvP and PvE (Rage/Focus is extremely situationally viable in PvE conversely Annihilation/Watchman is situationally viable in PvP) with each having its own strengths, weaknesses, and play styles allowing players to chose which tree fits their own style and use it for the majority of fights. Annihilation/Watchman is fantastic at long, single target fights; Carnage/Combat shines when there is minimal target switching between targets of high health and when there are single low health adds; Rage/Focus comes into its own when there are a large number of low health adds or in any situation where AoE is useful. That is, in my opinion, the most balanced of any AC in SW:tOR.

Before I jump into opinions on the points offered by others I'd like to give a real world example of the ways in which you can tailor each spec to a specific fight based on your own raid composition: When my previous guild was progressing through HM TFB we had a night of great progress on Operator IX followed by one plagued with healer latency issues (both healers were <1000ms). I'm personally an Annihilation/Watchman guy but I can play Carnage/Combat well and do so for fights that it makes sense for, like Op IX, but no matter what I did the DPS were still dying. In my experience (the math folks will probably correct me) hitting Berserk/Zen in Annihilation/Watchman heals the raid for ~2k a person every ~20 seconds. Not much, but I decided to give it a shot (since I had an idea about how to keep Annihilator/Merciless up by timing my last Annihilate/Merciless Strike on the core to be my last strike, hitting an add in the middle, then leaping at the next core). First attempt as Annihilation/Watchman, we downed it. Its all about tailoring the tree to your playstyle.

Now, a few thoughts about the some of the proposed questions/changes: First off, I think taking away Annihilator/Merciless altogether is too much of a PvE/PvP buff for Annihilation/Watchman. Perhaps simply extending it by ~5 seconds would be enough to remove a lot of the pressure to reapply it. I don't think we need to "fix" any of the trees because I fear doing so would lead to favoring one trees too much (you'll find that is the theme of my post). As for Carnage/Combat, I think the current RNG is what balances the spec against the smoothness of Annihilation/Watchman but I can see the benefit of making gore a static buff until an ability is used, especially in PvP. Rage/Focus is where I think I will start to go against a lot of sentiments in the community...As it stands, Rage/Focus is the only Marauder/Sentinel tree with viable AoE (actually, I'd be willing to argue the best AoE DPS in the game currently) and if their single-target DPS were buffed that would make it extremely difficult to continue to play other specs in light of the increased survivability, massive AoE, and similar single-target DPS that Rage/Focus could bring. It would simply invalidate all the other Marauder/Sentinel trees and that is not something I would like to see (especially since I am not a fan of Rage/Focus in the slightest :P).

That's what I think, flame, correct, or agree to your heart's content.
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