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Hello everyone,

Thanks for your feedback about the recent changes to the Seeker Droid! The changes that were made were done to remove the ability to endlessly acquire items, as this was not intended. Also, we wanted to be sure and allow for players to obtain the speeder parts and treasures when digging, but we are taking what you’re saying into account.

We agree! If you’ve had a gray item deplete a site, this is not intended and is a bug. Please be sure you file and in-game /bug to report this if it happens, and we welcome follow up posts with details for us to investigate.

We’ve been keeping an eye on this thread and will continue to do so. If we discover any bugs with the system, we’ll post them on the Known Issues and update you here.

Thanks Amber for the feedback.

I've done the seeker droid missions more than a few times and never once had a grey item deplete an area. So, I don't know where that came from. Yes, we did get grey items -- but we could sell those items off like the hilts/mods/enhancements. (They don't appear anymore.) And, there was usually a blue item "at the end of the trail" that led to the area being depleted (usually about a level 132-4 item).

I'm very sad that the patch took away the fishing expedition experience and reduced it to a race (over a long period of time) for one single item. I spent 30 minutes on Saturday getting nothing back, only to have someone else claim the interesting item in the area. The droid used to be a fun/tolerable diversion when doing the odd side quest. Now, it's at the point where it is not worth my time anymore.