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You believe incorrectly, I can tell you that for a fact because I failed to check the CM only one day.
Oh Really?

See below (and above).

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Hey Dark,

I am sorry for your frustration about this, although we certainly haven't advertised every single change that has come to the CM in regards to sales, we did actually talk about the mount and armor returning to the store. We got questions about that exact thing in our thread about the Gree event here and here.

Both of those items were on the Market from Friday morning through Monday morning CDT. I am sorry that you missed it, I can make no guarantees but I wouldn't be surprised if we put those back in the Market at some point. Especially around the Gree event.

Quote: Originally Posted by DarkIntelligence View Post
So while your "protip" does have some merit to it, failing to check the CM for a single day should not be punished so severely. In other words they should keep the damn stuff on there longer if they want anyone to buy it! But of course they don't really care about subscribers who buy stuff with their stipend since they already got our money. And that's another reason I am mad.
See above, and above. Whooopsie. The armor and the mount were up for the weekend, so clearly you failed to check the CM for more then a day..... you missed the entire weekend. Have to wait until next time I guess.

I too collect mounts, but you know what.. I purchase from the CM because IMO my thousands of coins are better spent unlocking mounts and other items for all my characters on my account.

Protip: pay closer attention during Gree know.. for that Gree Mount.
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