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If they do change the tool tip to indicate that Electro Net can do this, they will have to change it from a CC to specific attack ability with secondary affects.

I cannot believe they intended Electro Net to be the ultimate CC that nothing can break it. And before you say, use your CC breaker on it, I did and it did not break it.
Electronet is not a stun, nor is it CC. It is already as you say, and as has been explained by the offical response: an attack with secondary effects. Lots of attacks do similar: they knock you down, they slow your movement speed, etc. You can still move and attack while having electronet on you, therefore it is not CC or "control."

Again. Reading and understanding abilities of other classes is pro. Everything is working as it should. Electronet is a one of a kind ability, and interacts with force barrier in a unique way as such. Get over it.
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