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Actually, you mean for the second time you failed to pay attention to when it was going on sale, despite advanced notice both times, and as a direct result of you not paying attention, you have once again not been able to buy it with CC.

I managed to snag one last time--and I'm not even a daily player. And as is quite obvious from your post, it is a desirable item, therefore worth more because people like you will bid it up on the GTN. Mine sold for millions immediately. /shrug
If you posted that just to annoy me you succeeded. What was there advance notice exactly? All there was was an ambiguous dev. post goading people to keep an eye out for it during the Gree event, which I did, assuming like so many people that this meant during the whole event not ONE random day in the middle of it.

My post does not make it "obvious" at all that the item is desirable... In fact I don't even think that it is but as I have said before on this thread I want it simply because I collect them, but I am not going to give credits to GTN sharks like you when I have thousands of CM coins from my monthly stipend. But again as I said before, BW doesn't much care for that since they already got my money and thus only enable people like you to take advantage of their underhanded marketing tactics by letting you employ your own brand of those same bottom feeder tactics on the GTN!
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