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Quote: Originally Posted by Andryah View Post
It was placed up for the weekend I believe.. since the Gree Event is Running.

And if you are really too bored with the game to log in... why do you need a Solus Secant? As a virtual door stop or something? Besides.. you can always buy one off the GTN.

Protip: If Gree Event = True, then Check CM once a day = in your best interests
You believe incorrectly, I can tell you that for a fact because I failed to check the CM only one day.

I want the mount because I collect them, so yeah I guess you are right it will just sit around in my virtual hangar... You know not unlike the cars of people who collect them IRL do...

As for your third point: hell no. I am not gonna spend credits when I have thousands of CM coins because I am subscriber and I don't use them for anything.

So while your "protip" does have some merit to it, failing to check the CM for a single day should not be punished so severely. In other words they should keep the damn stuff on there longer if they want anyone to buy it! But of course they don't really care about subscribers who buy stuff with their stipend since they already got our money. And that's another reason I am mad.
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