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07.30.2013 , 04:25 PM | #78
One must try to remember that most people have multiple 55's that also run lvl55 flashpoints. If i ignore someone on one of my alts, they get ignored on all of them. (4x 69/72 tanks, 3x 69/72 heals, 2x 69/72 DPS). Needless to say, it takes a lot for me to ignore someone. Poor gameplay won't do it by itself ( there are a lot of people that need help on properly utilizing their alts). Talking smack, not taking advice, needing on inappropriate gear/unneeded gear or mats combined with poor play would probably result in an ignore. If I ever got kicked by a group before the final boss for loot I would just do a help ticket and insure that my guild (currently the largest on my server) was aware of the situation and the culprits.

With all this said, I have never been kicked. I have had some guys that feel tat they need to give me advice. I'll take it, evaluate it and use it or not use it. I don't know everything and do occasionally learn something new.