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I recognize that "customer service" rules indicate that you should apologize for the misunderstanding, but from my point of view, the fault lies with the OP, here. He simply made assumptions --likely supported by his own bias-- that weren't true.

Force Barrier says it will protect you from all negative effects while channeled .

Electronet says it will prevent the target from using escapes.

Pretty clear. Force Barrier needs to be channeled to get the effects. Electronet prevents it from being channeled. There is nothing about Force Barrier that says it will do a cleanse for all negative effects before the channel. So, I'd say the end result is pretty clear: If you're hit with Electronet, you can't use Force Barrier. Conversely, if you're already channeling Force Barrier, Electronet should have no effect.

The problem seems to be that the OP wanted "controlled" to mean "being affected by any abilities that restrict your actions" and "escape" to mean "an ability that lets you move away from danger". In both cases, the OP appears to be incorrect. Instead "controlled" means "unable to control your movement and actions" and "escape" means "an ability that lets you temporarily remove yourself from combat". They made assumptions based on their hopes and desires for their class to have an unstoppable ability. Their anger, then, is misplaced. The tooltips were suitably accurate, he just failed to comprehend their meaning.

Bioware's only failures here are in not returning Sorc/Sages to their early godliness and in apologizing for something that did not warrant an apology.
You conveniently forgot that it states in the tool tip that it can be used while control. But don't let that stop you from making assumptive statements.