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07.30.2013 , 02:45 PM | #101
Hi Amber
Thanks for posting something here it is much appreciated.
I would like to add my comments to the topic and hope theyare considered constructive.
Personally i have never had a "Your seeker droid has found something interesting" and it give me anything other than a purple part, be it speeder or armour.
I do agree with some that the special item should not be a crate with four purple craft items in it or anything that you can buy on the GTN. I am doing this quest for a unique item set, the dread seed gear and expect that the special item would be a piece of that armour or a speeder part. That word is important, "unique" if you can buy it its not special.
Secondly i dont have any trouble finding green circles to point me in the direction and for 9.5k credits to help me home in on the part for 10 minutes its cheap at twice the price.
I am looking for something special, so my mentality is spend money to help me find it. If i spend 500k on boosts and i get all the amour pieces it would be money well spent!
What i am very sad about is the fact that i choose the dread seed chest at the end of the quest line, not the star forager and yet i can dig up any piece from any set, i want my random pick up selection to just be from the set i chose not random.
I dont mind getting the speeder parts,they sell well but i would like to know the chance of the speeder vs armour (which is why i am doing the quest in the first place) and is it really random across all sectors? can i get all pices on Tatooine for example?
Thank you,