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07.30.2013 , 01:05 PM | #99
So in a little over an hour, this is what I got:

Found Something: 6 Speeder parts (all Explorer) 3 prototype secure crates, 4 minor seeker droid deployment boosts, 1 repair toolkit and 4 gray items.

The 2 Found Something Interesting: Title-Star Forager and Artifact Secure Crate that depleted the area.

The fact that the Artifact Secure Crate gave me basic comms stinks as I don't use the 400+ I have from other stuff really sucks, as does the title that I'm pretty sure I've now given to every character I have. The repair toolkit is as useless as the gray items but it is at least more valuable.

The prototype secure crates returned blue crafting mats that I have a ton of anyway since I run missions for the artifact crafting mats and see a lot of prototype only returns.

I didn't see a something interesting return a gray though I did notice that I got a lot fewer something interesting returns than I ever have before.

This was on Telemur Mesa on Makeb. I'll check Alderaan since that was the one are that really seemed to be the one were I'd see Something Interesting returns of gray items.
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