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07.30.2013 , 12:56 PM | #4
The most pressing Gunslinger issue by far, no doubt, is...

...when the fudge are we getting our 2nd A-300 Heavy Sonic Needler? C'mon now!

But in all seriousness:

It's really good that Snipers are going first, we can see the questions that they asked and also view their runner-up questions via their google docs sheet.

If it doesn't get picked, I really think the question regarding PVP vs PVE set bonuses should be addressed by the Gunslingers. BiS for PVE Slingers is to take the extra Orbital tick from the PVP set, and then stack for the 2pc PVE. Only spec that really *needs* the 4pc PVE is Dirty Fighting.