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While I completely agree with you there's still one point where it doesn't work as intended : according to Ghost_Spectre, when in an attempt to use the Force Barrier while "forbidden" by Electronet, the ability is considered as having fired and goes in CD. However, other escapes do not act like this : they are simply forbidden and saved for when Electronet wears off, their CD do not initiate in an attempt to use. Having the CD of Force Barrier starting do not seem normal and is detrimental, especially considering its length.

If Force Barrier cannot be stopped from starting, and if we consider its effect is the polar opposite of Electronet, then Electronet could as well be destroyed by Force Barrier at the same time it cancels itself. Like this, Force Barrier will have removed an hostile effect, and Electronet would have stopped Force Barrier from being an escape.
That should not be the case. Force Barrier should be unusable while hindered. If you attempt to use Force Barrier while hindered, you should get a red, center-screen message that says something like, "Can't do that while hindered," and Force Barrier should not activate or go on cooldown. If you find this isn't the case, then please officially report it as a bug in the bug report forum.
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