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So i take it your vote is PVP 8 and (3rd Q) PVE 4?
I vote for PVP 8 and the question I suggested.

PVE 4 and PVP 11 seem quite similar to me. I like the first line of PVP 11 and it covers more than just operations, so my third vote goes to PVP 11.

On the topic of how to ask questions: I think it is helpful not to think about questions, but rather about topics one would like to have more information about.
Gather all theses topics and check, where the important topics lie. Then formulate a question that asks 'give us more information about this topic and related aspects'.
Usually some of the 'hot topics' are related (potential imbalances of different specs like scattered bombs and lethality). So you can cover them all by asking about the whole heap they build.

Thinking ahead to the next iteration of the CR thing: I just noticed that there are two threads, one for PVE, one for PVP.
It might be easier to gather questions and updating votes by having only one thread. Or maybe it's just me being lazy to post in two different threads.
Just some food for thought for the next iteration of the whole story.

Completely off topic, but now I'm thinking about it: The CR idea allows us to get information from the combat team. It doesn't provide that much feedback to the devs. Maybe we could necro the old class feedback thread (operatives did it already) since this would allow us to give much more feedback than one can take out of 3 questions. I intend to do so, once my two lowies are 55, but that still takes a lot of time.