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Also, I find it interesting the whole concept of putting something on sale or even removing items from the CM like you are trying to create an artificial *supply and demand* cycle... These are items that had a set production cost, and regardless of what you do, it will never really cost the company any more or less money to produce or make.
You miss the point completely.

This is a marketing tactic.. to get you to check the market for "Featured" items whenever you log into the game. This is to promote more face time with players on the market. Takes about 10 seconds to do.. and if you don't do it.. no harm, no foul. Worst case, you miss a bargain on an item or a limited listing item.

PS: you don't have to buy anything. Just take the first 10 seconds of your game day to look at what is featured for that day.

Now.. I fault Bioware on this for not explicitly stating what I just did for you. Then again, they are playing a long game here, and so there is no reason for them to "hype" this new CM feature. Why? Because anytime they hype anything... the forum populace goes orbital either with the hype or against the hype. Better to just let it grow organically through the player base jungle drums.
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