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I agree it should be either on the site or prominently posted in game. If you want people to take advantage of a sale then you need to let people know about said sale.

If I was not willing to buy something to 1800 CC and you put it on sale for 1000 CC at which point I would be willing to pay for it, but then don't tell me about it... what good are you doing?

Also, I find it interesting the whole concept of putting something on sale or even removing items from the CM like you are trying to create an artificial *supply and demand* cycle... These are items that had a set production cost, and regardless of what you do, it will never really cost the company any more or less money to produce or make.

In fact, I would argue that the act of taking the time to put something on sale, remove from the market, put it back in the market, or relist it back at normal sale price is actually COSTING the company money, because you have to pay someone to take the time to make these changes, and you have to have a meeting (which costs time/wages) to hold to discuss the prices to keep constantly flipping the prices and remove/add stuff to the CM.

If something is not selling well on the CM then drop the price. You already made your "money" you were likely going to make by selling it the original price, so go ahead and drop it and leave it there. If something hits a point where it is not selling anymore at all then sure, remove it. Maybe bring it back at another date when there is a new slew of customers who don't have the items because they weren't around or weren't interested anymore.

Basically, I have no issue with you removing the old packs from the CM, cause people were likely not buying them anymore... so it was wasting product space... but all this bringing stuff on, taking stuff off, raising prices, dropping prices... it just frustrates your customers.
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