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Hello everyone,

Thanks for your feedback about the recent changes to the Seeker Droid! The changes that were made were done to remove the ability to endlessly acquire items, as this was not intended. Also, we wanted to be sure and allow for players to obtain the speeder parts and treasures when digging, but we are taking what you’re saying into account.

The system is designed to only display “Your Seeker Droid Found Something Interesting” (versus just having them find “Something”) when you find special treasure or an armor piece. There been a few comments here that indicate that when getting something interesting, that you’re obtaining other items. We’re looking for more details with regards to exactly what was obtained when the “Interesting” message pops up for you. We’ve done some investigation on our side, and this currently appears to be working correctly.

We agree! If you’ve had a gray item deplete a site, this is not intended and is a bug. Please be sure you file and in-game /bug to report this if it happens, and we welcome follow up posts with details for us to investigate.

We’ve been keeping an eye on this thread and will continue to do so. If we discover any bugs with the system, we’ll post them on the Known Issues and update you here.

Of course, I don't know developer intent, but if the only "treasures or interesting things" I can get are speeder parts (not interested) dread/sf armor (not much interested) a couple of basic coms (easier to get elsewhere) a chest with gems I'm told have been removed from the game as useless (immaculate orange) or a 5 credit grey item - then your intent and my having fun are not coinciding.

Were there too many item mod drops for 'non interesting' finds? Maybe. But nerfing it down to NO non-interesting finds completely sucked the fun out of it. And the one post change "Special Treasure" I did get was 5 basic comms? Really - that should deplete the area? A chest with an ISO 5 or something, yeah, that would be a treasure.

I'm afraid I can't help with any bug searching, because there is no incentive for me to bother anymore when my "seeker droid detects something". I won't get anything I cant get much more easily elsewhere, or it will be totally worthless. And, ZERO non-interesting drops makes it tedious, not fun.

Maybe (not in my opinion, but in the opinion that counts, the devs) a change was warranted. But the total nerf - no I don't think it was warranted at all.

This is not a "I'm gonna quit SWTOR post", or "BW doesn't care post" or anything like that. This is honest feedback that at least one subscriber has written off that part of the game as not fun and a waste of time.

I doubt I'm alone, but I could be. I loved it before, and did go out of my way to play with the seeker. I don't bother with it now even when it alerts me. I hope you fix it to be something the devs want, but something your players enjoy too.