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07.30.2013 , 11:12 AM | #92
In an effort to ensure that I haven't misread the message, I'll be fishing today for a bit in order to make sure that I am indeed seeing "Something interesting" returning gray items.

If I have read the Dev post correctly, gray items get returned when it says "Your seeker droid has found something" and I can't honestly say whether or not that is the case as I could have easily misread the message in my frenzied search for speeder parts.

Regardless, returning gray items after any length of time spent searching and zeroing in on a site while wasting expensive and hard to come by buffs is a pretty asinine system. Effort should produce reward, not frustration, and these "false finds" are nothing more than a discouragement to an already mind-numbing grind system.

Yeah, MMO's have grinds but those grinds need to be rewarding in order to encourage players to jump on the treadmill. Remove the gray items and replace them with green and blue items at the very least. A few thousand credits for a 5-10 minute search is better than a gray item that is better deleted than vendored.
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