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Sorcerer using Static Barrier are still vulnerable to CCs.
Static Barrier is a defensive shield, like Force Armor, that absorbs a preset amount of damage. After which it drops leaving the sorcerer/sage vulnerable to attack when the damage received exceeds the amount it is capable of absorbing. The Force Barrier does not absorb damage, it stops it. You are immune to all attacks, CCs, stuns, roots, and slows. The Static Barrier/Force Armor do not offer any protection to CC's, stuns, roots, or snares. Both are defensive measures. One could argue that Static Barrier/Force Armor are escapes too; however, they are not. Like Force Barrier, both are defensive measures. Only the Static Barrier allows the sorcerer/sage continue to act.
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However Force Barrier protects you from anything. Considering that you don't need to escape anymore, make people wonder if it can be considered as "escape" as well. These wonders are legit since it's hard to define accurately the difference between an "absolute defense" and an "absolute escape". In the end, both seem to have the same result : protecting from anything.
The problem is people want to apply the meaning of ‘escape’ to the Force Barrier. By their reasoning, any form of defensive measure is an escape. That would mean there are no defensive measures based on their beliefs and the definition they are applying to Force Barrier. The tool tip for Force Barrier is specific in its definition of what this defensive measure does. It absolutely protects the caster from all damage, stuns, roots, snares, and CCs for ten seconds. Channeling leaves the caster unable to do anything but stand there channeling the barrier. There is no escape. You are rooted in place by a self CC that protects you from whatever is thrown at the you.
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As for me "absolute defense" and "absolute escape" is the same thing, and such powers can be both called "defense" and "escape".
Your definitions are a skewed then. By your own admission, there are no defensive measures, only escapes. That is like saying a starship with a battle shield around it is an escape mechanism because it allows a ship to “escape” from being damage. That is a misrepresentation and misconception of what defensive measures mean. In other words, you are painting everything with a very large brush to make it fit your belief regardless of what the true definition states and means.
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That's a point that devs should give their opinion about. The fix that will come will depend on how they see this. If for them absolute defence equals escape, then Barrier should be forbidden during Electronet. If they think it doesn't mean escape, then they have to make Barrier doesn't calncel itself upon activation (the fact that it removes Electronet or not will not matter as the damage will be resisted).
We agree. It is my fervent hope that they will admit the mistake of allowing Electro Net to stop the use of Force Barrier and fix it. If they say otherwise, then I am going to have a very serious problem with their ruling as such as I mentioned my intention to react to earlier in this thread. I do not make states like that lightly, matter of fact; I never make them, especially publically.
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But whatever, the ability do not act properly. Something that is not supposed to be allowed, shouldn't be allowed to be used and wasted, such as something that should work shouldn't cancel without reason.