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According to the tool tip for Force Barrier:

However, the Electronet does not allow for the use of the Force Barrier and automatically puts it on cooldown when you attempt to use. Note the asterisk around all. It is specific, meaning not some, or most, it means ALL control measures.

I want to know why this has not been fixed since it is most certainly a bug as it does not follow what the tool tip states.

No other CC, stun, slow, or control measures do this, why does Electronet not respect Force Barrier's ability. Conversely, when will the developers fix this?

My take on this is simple...

If you use Force Barrier, you are immune to the listed effects while it is channeled. If you are being affected by certain abilities and THEN use Force Barrier, you are immune to subsequent abilities but may still be affected by things already cast on you. It does not specifically state that it removes those effects already on you, only that you can use it while controlled to become immune to additional effects.

No one ability should ever be without a counter of some sort. I think it's unreasonable to expect Force Barrier to make a player invulnerable to effects already on them AND anything being cast after it is channeled.

Never mind, Oz has spoken...
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