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I had one yesterday in the Outlaw's Den... got the "Your seeker droid found something" message and it was a gray item. It didn't count as the rare item and deplete the location, but poking around for 5-10 minutes chasing the green indicator to just receive a gray junk item seems wrong.
I had this happen at one of the dig sites on Alderaan last night; it's not the 'something interesting' message like another posted, it's just the 'found something' message. The two items I depleted the sites with were pleasure speeder parts....the same damn part and they're bound to character which means I can't even send them to myself. I also had the post scan telling me something was nearby and all I dug up was a creature and I didn't think those could be found via the green indicator.

I miss the mods and other crap because if I'm going to stand around digging, I want a little something for that otherwise wasted time.

Also, I find it extremely annoying that the post-dig scan will say nothing is nearby but if I keep digging (because it might help dig up creatures for the achievement?), suddenly there is something nearby, which tells me that digging is completely random as in you can stand in one place, repeatedly digging and eventually deplete the site. Or how the scan tells you to dig in one direction and the next scan says to dig in a completely opposite direction. It gets frustrating for me so I rarely even bother. I know some people say they enjoy these digs and if they do, more power to them. I just think there needs to be some improvement because it should be a fun time-waster and it's not for quite a few folks from what I read. At least before, I could make a little money for my time but now I can't do that. Of course, if the drop rate has increased to where I can get speeder parts faster then i guess that works out because that means less time spent standing around not playing and yes, I consider doing these digs as not playing.

Okay, random thoughts done. Carry on.
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