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Hello everyone,

Thanks for your feedback about the recent changes to the Seeker Droid! The changes that were made were done to remove the ability to endlessly acquire items, as this was not intended. Also, we wanted to be sure and allow for players to obtain the speeder parts and treasures when digging, but we are taking what you’re saying into account.

The system is designed to only display “Your Seeker Droid Found Something Interesting” (versus just having them find “Something”) when you find special treasure or an armor piece. There been a few comments here that indicate that when getting something interesting, that you’re obtaining other items. We’re looking for more details with regards to exactly what was obtained when the “Interesting” message pops up for you. We’ve done some investigation on our side, and this currently appears to be working correctly.

We agree! If you’ve had a gray item deplete a site, this is not intended and is a bug. Please be sure you file and in-game /bug to report this if it happens, and we welcome follow up posts with details for us to investigate.

We’ve been keeping an eye on this thread and will continue to do so. If we discover any bugs with the system, we’ll post them on the Known Issues and update you here.

Let me assure you that the gray items are, in fact, turning up when you get the message "Your seeker droid found something interesting" at the end of a search (i.e. you've zero'd in on the interesting site and find whatever it is your seeker droid detected). It gives the same message whether you get an armor or speeder piece or a level 10 gray item.

The thing about this is quite simple. You can spend 5 to 10 minutes of seeker droid deployment looking for a hit (the green circle that tells you there is something in the area) and another 3 minutes zeroing in on that hit only to discover a level 10 gray item that vendors for next to nothing.

This is "not fun". At the very least the item should vendor for a significant amount of credits considering the amount of time spent but ideally you would never see a gray item as the "something interesting" from the end of a search deployment.

I've not ever had a gray item deplete a site, but I have had strings of deployments that ended up with a very "non-something interesting" gray matter what the droid says.

Are you saying that this is, indeed, intended? That we should expect these gray items at the end of a search? Because if you are, you've done the single greatest thing to de-motivate anyone from "fishing".
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